Someone to follow - Michael Jones

I've never suggested that anyone follow anyone else. But this is a must for people working in a freelance creative space.

I found out about Michael Jones through my work with Coke. He and I haven't worked together yet but his work has been inspirational in a lot of the content I've helped create over the past year. 

But more than his creative abilities, Michael is a good follow because of his expertise in all things freelance. After losing his father recently, he decided to make a shift in how he approaches life/business. A lot of his focus now is on giving back - specifically in helping others navigate the choppy waters of freelance creative work. His insight is incredibly helpful and ranges from what to do when you don't get paid to other motion designers/creatives you should follow. Not to mention, he has an overall positive outlook on the business which is a breath of fresh air.

He even started a company called Mo-Graph Mentor where he teaches people around the world everything that he knows about motion graphics. 

Give him a follow - you'll learn a lot.