Christian characters in television

Was talking with some friends about Christians characters in film/television. The question was simple, "Can you think of a character in a recent film or television show that is an authentic representation of what it means to be a Christian?"

The first person to come to mind was Harriet Hayes from Studio 60. I was a big Sorkin fan even before watching Studio 60. But watching her character develop over the one season that the show was on the air (such a shame) made me like him even more. It's said that her character is loosely based on Kristin Chenoweth (who he dated and is a Christian in real life). 

Harriet is down to earth, honest about her imperfection, and completely devoted to her faith. I found myself being challenged in my own faith while watching the show. Specifically the area of living out my faith in all situations (even work).

Here's a clip: