Steve Jobs introduces the iWatch


This is a great piece written by Jong-Moon Kim. It's a re-imagination of how Steve Jobs would have given the most recent Apple keynote. The main difference is how he weaves humanity throughout. My favorite moment is when Jobs introduces the iWatch (he notes why Jobs wouldn't have allowed the watch to be called the Apple Watch). 

Jobs: When you think about it, the iPhone turned your fingers into the most powerful tools in the universe.

(Steve points at his fingers)

Jobs: With a swipe, you can place a order for something halfway across the globe. (Steve makes a swiping gesture)

With a tap, you can see a video of your loved ones across the country. (Steve makes a tapping gesture)

With a shake, you can listen to the entirety of human recorded music. (Steve makes a shaking gesture)

Well, we’re about to do it again. (Cheers)

We’re going to make another body part of yours just as powerful. Your wrist. (Cheering volume rising)

via (kottke)