Love at First Sight - Short Film

Throwing it way back to 2007 here. Still really proud of the work we did on this. It's a short film that all takes place in a movie store and is centered around a debate between two movie store clerks about a blockbuster movie called "Love at First Sight". The lead guy is a bit of a movie snob and hates "Love at First Sight" and makes a bet that he can get more people to rent his favorite movie, "Labour of Love".. 

And then he falls in love at first sight.. 

It's a lot of fun and we had to create scenes from 3 other movies that appear throughout. 

Would still love to see this as a feature.. maybe one day!

Story by: Me
Directed by: Mark Cowart
Written by: Me & Mark Cowart
Produced by: Seabourne Pictures