Four Leaf Lullabies


One question that Kayla and I get often is, “Do you think you’ll adopt?”

It’s a tough question for me to think about because it forces me to think that adoption may be the only way I ever get to be a dad. Before even meeting Kayla, I knew I wanted to adopt. I remember thinking at one point that if I never met a girl I could marry, I would just adopt a child and start a family on my own. I’m not sure that would have been a good idea, but my heart was in the right place.

Adoption is in both of our hearts, but we never thought we would consider it before having kids of our own. I suppose if God wants us to adopt first, then we we will eventually make the decision to become adoptive parents. But he hasn’t placed that on our hearts yet.

"Placed on our hearts" - what a funny thing to say. I feel like I need to make sense of that phrase. Have you ever felt a burden for something or someone? Have you ever thought, "Someone needs to do something about that," and had all the qualifications that that "someone" needed? Have you ever had quiet time alone and had the same burden come back again and again? I think that’s what it’s like when God is placing something on your heart. He gives you a sense that He wants you to be Jesus in a specific place or in a specific life. That’s why I want to be a dad. Not just so I can raise one child, but so I can learn what it means to be a father, and use that experience to equip a generation that has mostly grown up without one.


For our friends Matt & Amy, God has placed it on their hearts to adopt. And they need to adopt because they are incredible parents. I can’t wait for the process to be completed. Kayla walked down the aisle to a song that Matt wrote and the song was absolutely breathtaking (as was Kayla). In order to raise money for their adoption, Matt and Amy have recorded an album called “Four Leaf Lullabies”. Download it now. It really is amazing.

(Four Leaf Lullabies)