Who should I vote for?

Election season is among us and thanks to social media, it’s virtually impossible to survive a week without encountering the political opinion of my friend’s parents, my old college roommate or that guy I went to high school with.

I enjoy talking politics. I think it’s important to have an opinion on how our country is governed. To my surprise, my wife could care less. Hoping to solicit a response, I tried to approach the subject from several different angles but I couldn’t get her to engage in the conversation. My goal was to figure out if we agreed on certain topics and to see where she fell on the political spectrum. But my problem is keeping my own opinion out of the discussion.

Thankfully, I found iSideWith.com. It allowed Kayla to give her opinion without interference. If you’re wanting to figure out which major political figure best aligns with your way of thinking, this site is fantastic. The number of questions you answer is up to you. You have the ability to skip questions, answer more than the standard, and rate each question’s level of importance.

I was actually surprised by my results. Maybe you will be too!


Does the election season excite you or does it make you want to crawl in a hole for three months?